BB - Day 16

It's Day 16 of Beautiful on a Budget! I fell in love with this jacket that I found in my grandmother's closet! Digging through the pile of my grandmother's clothes, this piece stuck out like a sore thumb.  I've never seen a jacket with tassels be so cutesy and stylish.  The polyester material makes the jacket airy and definitely appropriate for the weather.  Budget-ly Beautiful!

Remember, the next 14 days are dedicated to fabulous THRIFTED OUTFITS or SIGNATURE THRIFTED PIECES or even sale items.  Use the hashtag #BBxTallTales on Instagram or email your photos to to be featured. Make sure you include information/pricing on the outfit or signature piece. (You don't have to be apart of the Tall Team to be featured)

Spread the Word & start hash tagging!! Help us make this Budget-ly Beautiful
-Ramona O.

Ramona Okonya