African Queen

Greetings Tall Team!!

 How are you guys doing?? I’ve been great just maintaining and adjusting to my new school. Anywho, I had to wear this dress before the Fall season really set in.  This dress was sent to me by my father who resides in Africa.  I LOVE everything about this dress, it screams African chicness and I’ll definitely get wear out of it.

What issues have you guys been hiding from? Is there something so awful or embarrassing that you’ve done to someone and you can’t begin to phathom addressing it?  Is there something you’d like to keep buried to suppress the pain you’ve caused or feel?  Well get to digging! It’s time to feel liberated, be free! It takes a strong individual to admit their downfalls. Let’s beef it up and pump a little weights.

Tall Tale Tip:

Don't run from it, FACE IT

- Ramona O.

africanRamona Okonya