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Greetings Tall Team!

I’ve missed you guys! I definitely had to come back with something special! I’ve been eyeing Monif C’s designs for a while now and I finally got my hands on her infamous swim wear! Swim wear for plus size women has become more and more fashionable and diverse.  There are also a great deal of avenues where you can find a stylish swim suit.  But I LIVE for something over the edge or a bit EXTRA.

I chose this color because it's Summer and why not something bright?  This swim suit is currently sold out but be sure to check out Monif C as an avenue for one of a kind swimwear.

This “Peru Fringe Plus Size Swimsuit” certainly gives me extra.  The fringes accentuate the swimsuit by giving the illusion of a skirt.  This is definitely a show stopping piece.

Check out a few more pics below!

Tall Tale Tip- Wearing a swimsuit is like wearing heels, the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become.

- Ramona O.

Photos- @nutmeagphotography

Stylist - www.luxuriebrowne.com

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