Rain Rain Go Away

Greetings Tall Team!!
I've been a little busy but I sure haven't forgotten about you guys, I hope all is well. Every year, my friends and I have a tradition of attending the Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama. This past weekend I attended the 74th Magic City Classic and I'm a proud alumna of Alabama State University. 

I had soooooo much planned for the weekend but the weather didn't agree with my plans, it rained practically the entire weekend. I didn't attend any extra social events, I HATE being out and about when it's rainy.
The weather was a little gloomy BUT I still managed to go out and support the Mighty Hornets, where we stung a victory over Alabama A&M 34-20. It amazes me how many people truly support and represent Historically Black Colleges, the stadium was packed out! 

My original plans were to attend the game and leave based on the weather report... A little before 5pm when the rain was scheduled to set in. Well, my plans turned into a disaster. My friends and I left at our scheduled time but the rain came earlier than we anticipated. The night started out with us being drenched leaving the game. Nevertheless, I'll share with you guys what I wore to the game.

The jacket is custom made by my seamer. I showed him a picture and he made me a replica. He's the best! My shirt is from my boo Alysse's new collection at Ready to Stare. The skinny jeans & gold rings were purchased at Ashley Stewart. My boots, are SUPER comfy and they came from Payless Shoe Store. My top necklace is from Rocksbox.com (Use ramonaoxoxo code for an offer at checkout). The Arabic Necklace was purchased through Abenaa Jewels and I found the coconut purse at a local African shop.

Tall Tale Tip: Don't try to predict the weather, mother nature does her own thing.

Ramona Okonya