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In Turks & Caicos rocking my  MonifC Swimwear  

In Turks & Caicos rocking my MonifC Swimwear 


Happy Be-lated Spring Break to all of my fellow educators! We’re at the home stretch, let’s make it great!  I truly enjoyed my vacation in Turk and Caicos.  Turks and Caicos should be one of the top places you decide to visit in the Caribbean, it’s picturesque.  All I managed to do during my vacation was enjoy the beautiful beaches and enjoy the island’s cuisine.  It is definitely getaway where you can relax and you’ll enjoy every moment of it!


Turks and Caicos can be a bit expensive, since the island has to import most of its goods. A standard rate for lodging starts at about $200 a night. We stayed in the Turtle Cove area at the Lavista Azul Resort, which is about a 7 minute walk to the beach. This area isn't as populated as the main tourist area, Port of Call but you have the essentials needed in walking distance. There are a few restaurants and a local store in walking distance.


The island isn't big at all but cab rides are very expensive. A taxi wanted to charge us $15 per person one way to go to dinner, that would have been about $100 traveling there and back. As a result, we rented a car for 2 days and had quite the adventure driving around the island. I would recommend renting a car so you can explore the island.


The people were also very friendly. When we got lost, the locals were very eager to help. Customer service on the island was excellent and all of my meals were delicious.  It was great to see the local children walking home from school, dogs and all types of farm animals walking around, peacefully and carefree.


Turks and Caicos was EVERYTHING!

Tall Tale Tip: If you plan on planning to Turks and Caicos, most items are double or triple the price you would normally pay in America.


Check out the Turks and Caicos video!


-Ramona O.

Ramona Okonya