The next project I have teamed up with 2 of my blogger boos for the 3 X Dope project! Myself, along with Maui of Phat Girl Fresh and Melodie of The Style Klazit have link to bring you 3 different perspectives "Tall, Small, and Round." The collab will includes topics related to beauty, lifestyle and of course fashion!

I represent the "Tall" portion of 3xDOPE and I'm excited about our new journey! Being a plus size woman who's tall presents a plethora of issues! Plus isn't ALWAYS equal, shirts and pants flood(too short), and shoes don't ever come in my size! I can go all day, but I'll stop there.


I make it a point to spruce up the options that are available to the best of my ability. Ichose to wear pants for our first post because finding pants is always an issue for the tall team! I pay attention to detail since most of my shopping is done online. I'm almost 6 feet and the inseam of my pants has to be a least 31 inches. I tend to go up a size or two because that stretches the length of the pants as well.

Tall Tale Tip: Be sure to check out the clothing details in the description, it'll save you time and money!

Monochrome Look

Monochrome Look


Our first theme is black and white monochrome.  This is a combination of decorative black and white devices that create a fresh look!  My favorite is pattern play, I mixed two different checkered/boxed prints for my style story. I paired the two prints with a chunky heel and I felt fresh and fashionable!


My Photos -  @jnicoledidit   

My Photos - @jnicoledidit  


Check out the "Small" and "Round" Perspective Below 


❤️Ramona O.

Ramona Okonya