Eazy Breezy

                                  Society + 

                                 Society + 


It's officially Summer, the hottest time of the year and I personally believe I stay in one of the hottest places on the planet, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. I sweat profusely, which means this time of year isn't my favorite time for dressing up and being cutesty because it's so hot! When it comes to Summer fashion, minimalist is the way to go!


                                 Society  +

                                Society +

To jazz up my outfit a little, I paired the dress with a platform chunky heel and an African Turban.  Cool, Comfy & Cute! 


This skater dress from at Society + definitely fits my minimalist approach.  It's "Eazy Breezy", loose fitting, & provides a breath-taking silhouette for any body type! Guess what? The dress is currently on sale, they have a variety of colors. Check them out HERE


❤️- Ramona O.