TALL Tales X Stare STYLE: Dope At Any Height!



I’m so excited about teaming up with my blogger boo, Alysse of Ready To Stare for our #DOPEatAnyHeight project.  Even though I stand almost a foot taller than Alysse, we’re both dope at our respective heights.  Take a look at our advantages, disadvantages and tips on finding clothes being a part of either the tall or petite team



Let’s face it, I have practical advantages of being tall. The ability to reach items in high places without a ladder.  It’s a struggle, but I’m also able to unscrew certain light bulbs and replace them and I’m normally able to see over crowds.  Alongside the practical advantages, the greatest advantage is being unique.  I definitely have a personality of rocking at the beat of my own drum and my height unquestionably aligns with my personality.



I ABSOLUTELY HATE that clothes rarely fit me properly.  Pants and skirts are shorter than how they were design to fit.  I miss out on tons of fashionable shoes because my size 11-12 (mainly 12) aren’t available in masses. Not to mention, the lack of appropriate leg room; my knees are always jammed in cars, buses and even airplanes. Most of all, I hate that people (men in particular) assume I’m unpleasant or intimidating based on my height.



  1. If your shirt or pants are too short, simply cuff them to fit or even wear boots to camouflage the high water pants.
  2. If your shoe size is 10 & up, jump on any chance to purchase a shoe that's available; the larger the shoe, the least amount available in department stores.
  3. I would recommend anyone have their clothes tailored; this is a simple way to make clothes fit  more flattering.
  4. Stand tall and be confident; slouching over could insinuate that you're uncomfortable or even insecure
  5. Be prepared for rude comments. It's inappropriate for people to make comments about your height but your height is something that won't change. Get use to it, have a comeback ready.


  Check out Alysse's post   HERE

 Check out Alysse's post HERE



Tall Team Rep,

Ramona O. ❤️