Chapter 3: Fluffy


This week I’m repping for Team Fluffly & looking good doing it! Since I’m repping for plus size women in general I must admit, I’m not the biggest body positive advocate. I’m more so of an action person versus vocal. Meaning, I’d rather exude confidence or self-love, than speak on it.


Why speak on something that is evident?? I’m not against anyone who does speak on body positivity, it’s needed. To encourage, inspire, to progress in self-love. Influencing others is like being a teacher, there are many ways to teach a certain topic but all teachers use different methods to teach. Some lecture, some use hands  on activities.... but all have a purpose to teach. With that being said, influencing others to love themselves is done in different ways ... My approach is ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!    


Stay Fluffy and Tall & Dope,

Ramona O. ❤️ 


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Ramona Okonya