Dope At Any Height: Debshop Edition


We're back with another segment of #DopeAtAnyHeight! Alysse of Ready to Stare and I are about a foot difference in height; she's 5'1 & I'm 6'0.  Even though we are on different sides of the height spectrum, we have similar issues finding clothes that fit us the way we'd like them to fit.


Alysse has to roll up most of her jeans if the sizing isn't petite because they're usually too long. On the other hand, I usually wear boots with jeans because they're too short. Either way, we make the best of what we have.



This time we're twinning in Debshops. We paired a sequin mesh skirt with an edgy utility denim jacket! To switch it up a little, we sealed the deal with sneakers. Not the typical approach, I know, but Alysse and I or EDGY & EXTRA.


Stay tuned because our Debshop Edition will continue! We have a coupon code: DOPEATANYHEIGHT... 20% off on your next order at Deb! 


-❤Ramona O. 

Ramona Okonya