Alysse and I were feeling festive so, we custom made hoodies to represent for petite and tall women! These aren't for sell but aren't they cute? I LOVE color and tie-dye is definitely perfect with the warm weather ahead.


While Alysse and I were together a few weeks back, we were discussing the basic summer items that we both have problems finding that actually fits properly.  Although we're a foot apart, we share similar issues.  I was so surprised when Alysse explained her petite perspective.


Alysse shared that if she had to pick one summer item that she'd wish she could fit from any store, it would be a mini skirt! When Alysse buys mini skirts, the skirts aren't mini at all, (more like Midi) they're normally too long. 



If I had to choose one summer item that I'd wish I could fit from any store, it would be a maxi dressMaxi Dresses are normally too short for me if I don't purchase them in tall or long sizing.


Do you know what we've discovered? Although we chose two different items, we both have issues when it comes to mini skirts and maxi dresses fitting in the way we'd like. Mini skirts are mostly too short for me and maxi dresses are too long for her.


Are you apart of the small or tall group? (4'7-5'4 SMALL or 5'9 & up TALL!) We want to know the item hardest for you to find! Click here -> http://svy.mk/2mxynC0



Stay Dope At Any Height, 

❤-Ramona O.