Chapter 2 (Tasha)

Wasssup!! ...

I'm Tasha; let me clue you guys in on my day-to-day routine that you'd be a little jelly (jealous) about... Be jealous but not forreal! Lol


Soo, my man is a country man & he does NOT believe in a woman working. Me being a city girl, that's not my style... So we've compromised and I work for him & I'm cool with that! 💙



He's an auto mechanic and owns a tire servicing shop here in the A! I keep the coins calculated & everything documented... That's my #1 priority job at the shop!💙 



There's only two things babe asked of me when I worked with him: 1) He doesn't want me to get my hands dirty, 2) he just wants some eye candy while he works hard. I'm definitely good at that! 💙


He appreciates my physique, so I let it all hang out... all 6'0, my curves and even my rolls... For my work attire, I just stick with some type of denim because it durable and @craftingwithcass custom makes my pieces. 💙 



I work all of a few hours & I'm paid like a regular employee for 8 hours a day...! I ain't gold-digging since he's catered to with breakfast before he leaves, I pack his lunch, and dinner is ready when he gets home... 💙

Before I head out for the day, it's usually busier at that time... Even though I'm not suppose to get my hands dirty, giving him a helping hand is what we do when our men need it... Plus he smiles because you know I'm that "eye candy" 💙


Oh, to be loved and appreciated! When it's reciprocated, it's the most beautiful thing! 

Let me get dinner ready... I'll chat with you guys later,


Formerly known as

- Ramona O. ❤️ 

SPECIAL THANKS to @LawrenceKerrPhotography - Photos

@RashaReigns  - Creative Assistance 

Ramona Okonya